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Kleinberg Contractor Accommodation

Kleinberg Contractor Accommodation is a located along the R27 GATEWAY ROUTE into the West Coast region, 120km from Cape Town and with excellent exposure and easily accessible.


Kleinberg Accommodation is centrally located within the hub of proposed and current developments taking place in the area.


It is conveniently situated within the following distances from the 3 major towns in the area:

• 14 km from Langebaan

• 19 km from Saldanha

• 15 km from Vredenberg


In 2016 a group of investors bought Kleinberg with a view to establishing and running a leading contractor accommodation facility.


Kleinberg had all the facilities and licenses necessary to immediately accommodate the need for contractor accommodation in the area as well as provide value add facilities for such contractors.


In consultation with the Saldanha Municipality and taking into account the problems being presented to the towns due to the influx of the contractors – it was realised that a facility was needed to house contractors to ensure that the contractors were:

• Safe and secure;

• Well rested in comfortable and tranquil surroundings;

• Centrally located for ease of collection and drop off after work (as opposed to clients dropping off their workers at different accommodation sites)

• Away from disruptions of town centres;

• Provided with nutritious meals (both on live out allowance and Meal Pack options)

• Entertained - bar facilities for weekend enjoyment;

• Spaza Shop on site;

• Provided the comforts of cleaning and laundry services on site;


These essential criteria assist the employer / contractor as they know that their workforce are looked after whilst off site. A well- rested, well fed and happy workforce makes for a positive workforce on the job! We understand that our services are of vital assistance to our clients and we are not merely a facility to provide accommodation.